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How to achieve optimum health utilizing the right workout clothes

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Health is a very delicate and fragile thing that we should take good care of. Indeed, as what an old adage is saying: “Health is wealth”. As what you can see, our world nowadays is bringing harmful chemicals into our body. All the while we do not have a single idea that the air that we breathe, the food that we eat even the stress and pollution that we encountered everyday are already toxins that gradually destroys the normal flora and nature of our body. This is a fact that causes people to do exercise and one of the common forms is running.But how can we achieve optimum health by wearing the right workout clothing?

 Workout Clothes

Running is a very basic yet very effective form of exercise. It involves as lot of benefits like strengthens your muscles, good exercise for the heart, promotes lung expansion, whilst breaks down and dissolves cholesterol build up. Running is also a sport that can help you burn out fats,which is very sweaty. Obviously, after running even a three kilometre dash will cause you to perspire and sweat a lot. Do you know that much sweat can cause bacterial build-up thus resulting in certain types of disease?Unfortunately, not all people know about this fact. When sweat soaks onto your clothes, you should change immediately. Soaking your body especially your thighs, legs and inguinal area with wet clothing increases the chance of bacterial penetration causing fungi formation and other skin diseases. This will teach us that changing clothes and avoid soaking in wet clothing after exercise is a must. This also reminds us to use the right exercise clothing to promote comfort, air circulation and to be carefree at all times.

The following are different types of work out clothing that promotes comfort and allows air circulation:

Running shorts –This is the most recommended and mostly suggested running attire. Shorts allow air circulation while providing comfort all along the way. There are womens running shorts as well as mens running shorts. Aside from that, it also makes you feel lighter and carefree. There are vast categories of running shorts that serve different purposes. Some of which are: The compression shorts, V-cut shaped notch and the split type shorts. A compression sort perfectly fits the thigh which allows more muscle support and is also flexible.Meanwhile, the V-cut shaped notch allows more room for movement and flexibility. Taken from its name, “V-cut” which means t has a V cut shape on ear edges to serve the said purpose. On the other hand, a split type short is a bit similar to the V-cut shaped notch. It is just that it has an opposite V-cut style found at the bottom part of the shorts instead of having it at the edge or leg part.

Work out pants –Choose the work out pants that allows air circulation like those that are made from spandex or nylon materials. This will enable moisture absorption, thus retention of sweat from our skin will be in a minimal amount.


Tank top –Wearing tank top clothing promotes comfort and is stylish. However, you should use tops that are made from cotton materials to allow sweat absorption, however, with this, always bring towel and extra top for you to change once it is already soaked.

Following these simple reminders will not only make you look sexy and physically fit but will also help you prevent any bacterial growth that will cause you to develop illnesses.In this article, we learned that by just avoiding wet clothes to be soaked and dried up in our body will give us a high possibility rate that we will not acquire any nosocomial infection and other bacterial growth. It is just a matter of self discipline accompanied by wearing the right kinds of clothing for us to achieve optimum health. Be reminded that health is our only treasure and we should take good care of it.

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