Cuban Art Is a Complex Mix of Local and International Flavors

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Among the over 200 countries to visit in the world, Cuba is definitely one of the most thrilling. The island nation has become famous for various elements, including its natural wonders, food, and music. However, visitors should also experience Cuban Art while in the country. From architecture of the 1500s to the splashes of vibrant colors in sketches and paintings, experiencing the country’s art while touring the country is certainly one of the most rewarding experiences one can have while there. There are tours that even allow visitors to work on their own artistic skills while experiencing masterpieces made by artists.

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Cuban Art is part of the rich cultural experience that you can have while visiting the country, which can also include architecture, dance, and history. The art has many different cultural influences, including South American, North American, European, and African. There are also many styles that have influenced the art during the past, including European modernism, and Cuban vanguardism. Various famous artists include ones such as Wildredo Lam, Amelia Palaez, and Corso de Palenzuela.

Besides sketches and paintings, another famous Cuban artist is Alberto Korda, a photographer. His works chronicle the Cuban Revolution’s earliest days, and include the photo of Che Guevara that became one of the most famous images during the 1900s. Besides more traditional works of art, there’s also the influence of Cuban’s street art movement. It was influenced by muralist Diego Rivera, and Latin American artists such as Jose Gudalupe Posada and is certainly worth seeing when you travel to Cuba.

There are various factors that make Cuban art unique from other countries. One of the main features is that it’s a melting pot of immigrants from various countries. Immigrants have included colonists from Spain, slaves from Africa, and laborers from China. They have all had a major influence on Cuban art, making it more diverse and interesting. This has made it a country that’s culturally quite rich in the arts.

Much of art from Cuba is traditional. However, today’s contemporary Cuban art has an international and local flavor with “salsa.” In other words, while it has many international influences, it retains the vision of the Caribbean nation. This helps the art to be unique. Within time that art has become more complex, and a way of thinking.

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Besides providing a way for Cubans to express themselves, Cuban art has also been helpful in cultural exchange between Cuba and the U.S.

If you’re planning a tour of Cuba, you should certainly consider adding the element of Cuban art to your trip. The country has a rich artistic history that’s rooted in the various cultures that have shaped the country, such as from Spain, Africa, and China. Besides that, the art has developed from national and folk roots, into a complex way of thinking that has influenced the art of Cuba. Also, while the country’s art has an international flavor, it has retained “salsa,” or national elements that make the artworks distinctly Cuban. Learn and make some Cuban art during your trip to the country.