T shirt- A Universal Attire

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The T shirt has become a sort of universal attire since it is a favourite apparel of people from all walks of life. It is the extreme popularity and versatility of this clothing item which is why business enterprises such as T Shirt Printing thrive.

The T Shirt has evolved from an undergarment worn in the 19th century which used to be called a union suit. This piece of clothing was separated into top and bottom garments. The top was made long enough to tuck under the waistband of pants.

This piece of clothing was adopted by miners and port workers in the late 19th century as a popular and convenient top wear during hot weather. As a slip-on piece of clothing without buttons, it became popular in the United Stated when the U.S. Navy issued it during the Spanish American War.

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The crew-necked, short-sleeved, white cotton undershirt was supposed to be worn under the Navy uniform. However, sailors and Marines often removed their uniform jacket while in hot climates and wore only the undershirt, which took its name after the clothes’ outline similar to the letter T.

Besides miners, stevedores and sailors, other types of workers from other sectors such as agriculture also took to the T Shirt because of its easy fit, ease in cleaning and lower cost. During the Great Depression, the T Shirt became the default apparel work while performing farm or ranch duties.

Even young boys often wore the T Shirt in their daily activities. In some tropical countries where they don’t have harsh winters, the T shirt is the uniform of school boys and even girls.

While the most basic T Shirt is the plain white variety, since its undergarment days, when the T Shirt became an accepted casual outer wear for both genders, pictures, images and illustrations were printed on the front and back of the clothing item.

The T shirt, in effect, evolved as a human billboard used to promote products, companies, films, websites and organizations, and even as a tool for protest.

To date there are hundreds of enterprises that offer T Shirt Printing service ranging from commercial manufacturers that sell their products in top department stores to smaller businesses that offer customized t shirt printing service.

The T Shirt attained societal acceptance and fashion item status when American actor Marlon Brando wore a white T Shirt in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire. In the 1980s, another American actor, Don Johnson, wore a white T Shirt under his Armani suit in the popular TV series Miami Vice.

The T Shirt has certainly gone a long way from a clothing item worn under a formal shirt into a symbol of a pop culture. However, for enterprises engaged in the T Shirt Printing  business, it has become a steady source of income while at the same time clothing mankind.